The Reforms of the UWG

Attorney at Law Dr. Ruhl and Attorney at Law Dr. Isele are jointly holding an online seminar entitled: "The Reforms of the UWG" at the IHK Frankfurt am Main on October 12, 2022. In this context, the two DANCKELMANN IP-partners will report on the following (announcement text of the IHK Frankfurt am Main):

Already in 2021, the Unfair Competition Act (UWG) was sustainably amended and has now been tightened again.

Anyone who advertises to a consumer via telephone call must now document and retain the consumer's prior express consent to telephone advertising in an appropriate form at the time it is given. In addition, there is also a new regulation on so-called "dual quality". This refers to the same advertising for goods that differ from one another due to their origin in different EU member states. There are also many legal innovations that apply for online advertising with rankings and customer reviews. Finally, for the first time, advertising companies are now exposed to claims for damages from consumers who have been lured by unfair advertising.

In addition, there is a new regulation in the Price Indication Directive (“Preisangabenverordnung”), which stipulates that in the case of price discounts, the lowest price at which the now discounted product was offered in the last 30 days must be stated. This raises a number of issues. For example, when bundles of various goods are offered.


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