Alexander Strobel


Admitted to the bar in 2011
Languages: German, English

  • Studied Law at the University of Mainz
  • Admitted to the bar in 2011

Areas of legal expertise
  • Intellectual property law, particularly competition law (inter alia advertising law, drug advertising law and food law), trademark law (trademark registration and monitoring including representation in proceedings before government agencies and the courts)
  • Copyright and media law (press and publishing law), IT law, telecommunications law

  • Werbung für Nabelschnurblutbanking in den Grenzen des HWG und UWG, Anmerkung zu den Urteilen des Landgerichts Leipzig vom 10.12.2010, AZ. 04 HK O 4388/09, und des Oberlandesgerichts Dresden vom 28.06.2011, AZ. 14 U 87/11, PharmR 2012, 151 ff. (co-authored with attorney Dr. Hans-Jürgen Ruhl)